According to the child…

Yesterday, I was talking to someone who had read all three of our books, and I received a feedback about something that had never crossed my mind. She likes the books because they are illustrated by a child, and that helps us visualize the story from the point of view of a child – the illustrator, to be specific. How cool is that?

When I first asked Taylor to illustrate my stories, I was thinking about her talent and creativity. I was thinking about how “cute” it would be to have a child draw the pictures. I was thinking how inspiring it would be for other children to see her work. It never occurred to me that we are actually reading the stories from her vantage point – the point of view of a child! After all, the stories and books are meant for children (and adults!!!). How can we ignore what goes through their mind and what they see? How can we not care about how the stories unfold… according to the child? I was actually blown away by that feedback.

You can read our stories here for free. But to get the full experience with all of Taylor’s wonderful illustrations, purchase a copy!

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