You can always read our books for free here. But to get the full experience with all the beautiful illustrations by Taylor, get yourself, or your loved ones, a hardcopy!

Mighty Super Zero

What can Zero teach us? Everyone can be of value and be a super hero to someone. Keep your head up. Find your purpose. You can be a Mighty Super Zero too!

Paper Star, Paper Star in a Jar

Paper star does not know why she exists. Can a real star make her understand? Sometimes it is difficult to understand the reason for our existence. Maybe all it takes is a wise friend to tell us.

A note of gratitude to Wen H. Teoh of North York, James Docker of Mississauga, and Sandra Caunter of Toronto for editing and proofreading our work for this book!

One Fun Bun

Let’s learn to read with some simple words that rhyme. Just make sure your tongue does not get twisted!

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