Mighty Super Zero Stuffy is (Sew) Cool!

Taylor’s mom took up sewing so she could make Mighty Super Zero something Taylor can hold. Ain’t it cool! I would say our goal to inspire is starting to show some achievement, wouldn’t you?

If you have not read Mighty Super Zero, you can read the story here for free. But to get the full experience with all of Taylor’s wonderful illustrations, purchase a copy!

Mighty Super Zero 2nd Edition is here!

Not only is Taylor creative, she is also always looking for ways to improve. She has decided that she can make Mighty Super Zero better. The result? Mighty Super Zero 2nd edition!

Have a peek inside the book on Amazon!

Or read the story for free here. But to get the full experience with Taylor’s awesome illustrations, don’t forget to buy a copy 🙂

A way to stay connected in the pandemic

I am often asked how my niece, Taylor, and I ended up working together on book projects. It was actually a pretty organic process. It all started with me wanting to write a very short story for my son who, at that time, was going to attend Junior Kindergarten, to read. I came up with a 50-word story, Mighty Super Zero. My family (my son, my wife, my sister, my brother, my mother, my dad, my sister-in-law, my niece etc etc) read it, and liked it a lot. Then, we thought Taylor, who was already very talented at illustrations at that time, might want to draw some pictures for it. She did want to draw for Mighty Super Zero. Then, I read about self-publishing (cue angelic choir voice).

We were so excited. We were going to self-publish. We were going to sell a million books. Taylor was going to have her college fund, and the college fund of her kids set up. My son was going to get a Hummer. And I was going to keep writing. Well, it did not turn out that way… obviously.

But what it really turned out to be was a way for my niece and I to connect in the pandemic. She lives in Toronto, and we live in Windsor, Ontario. We used to see each other several times a year, in person, and we used to spend holidays together. I was on my way to becoming her second favourite person in the whole wide world, one step behind her mom, and an inch in front of her dad. Lo and behold, COVID-19 came along, and we did not get to see each other for a year, and our communications dwindled. I am pretty sure I dropped several spots on Taylor’s favourite person chart. Well, Mighty Super Zero showed up, and he turned out to be pretty… mighty.

Since working on Mighty Super Zero, we have been in constant contact mode. Facetime, WhatsApp, Zoom, email. You name it. We plan for the next two books before the current one is done. We talk at least once a week. I believe I am teaching my niece about writing, about business, and about website and marketing. But in truth, I think she is, inevitably, teaching me how to be patient (with a 10-year old), to be tactful (to a 10-year-old), and to be on my way to #2 again! So, it simply turned out to be a way for us to stay connected in this unpredictable and crazy COVID-19 affected world.

And the dream for Taylor’s college fund and my son’s Hummer (a real one, unlike this) carries on…

A push-Hummer made out of wood!

Duncan trying his hand at carpentry here. Everything on the “vehicle” is scrap picked up from the neighbours, except for the screws. Well, he had to get ONE new wheel too because who knew old wheels are so difficult to come by. With the help of his son, his niece, and his neighbour’s daughter, the end-product managed to look pretty good 😉 The kids in the neighbourhood are having a blast driving this thing around.